Friday, February 22, 2019


Crime Fighters- The Police and You is a Television programme designed to spotlight issues of security, and policing in Nigeria. It is the premiere independent programme focusing exclusively on crime, law enforcement and public safety in the country.

Our History
The birth and journey of this award winning programme, Crime Fighters is deeply entwined with the Nation’s democratic transition and return to civil rule in 1999. With the exit of the military from political governance and return to civil rule at the turn of the millennium, it became apparent that there was a need to educate and enlighten the civil population on matters of security in the nation.
Crime Fighters debuted in the year 2000 as a magazine programme on national television. The programme has segments on News, Exclusive Interviews, Special Focus/Spotlight, Security Tit bits, Security Advice, Group Discussion. Crime Fighters has enjoys a poignant place in the history of the Nigeria Police Force, because over the years it has become the unofficial but defector curator of police history and activities. With thousands of hours of audio visual content on the Force.

Hence the programme Crime Fighters- The Police and You was created to sensitize, inform and raise security awareness amongst the citizenry, while spotlighting
the activities of the police and other security agencies. From inception till date it remains the leading programme spotlighting security matters in the nation, informing and educating members of the public on crime and how to eradicate or minimize it in our communities.

To stay up-to-date with developments and events around the country, the crew of Crime Fighters constantly travel round, conducting interviews and monitoring and reporting on the security situation.
Crime Fighters is produced by a team of seasoned professionals comprised of journalists, technical crew personnel, Marketing/Administrative team. At the head of our team is the Executive Producer. The programme is produced from the Lagos Head office of Crime Fighters located at the heart of the Lagos mainland. The crew comprises of;

  • Programme Director
  • Legal Officer
  • Production Manager
  • Reporters/Presenters/Writers
  • Regional Correspondents
  • Cameramen
  • Non-Linear Editors
  • Interns
  • Studio Assistants

Through the contributions and efforts of this group the programme is created and delivered on a weekly basis to millions of viewers across the country both on Digital Satellite Television and regular Terrestrial TV.