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Exclusive Interview With Commissioner Of Police Ondo State Command -CP Hilda Harrison


On our Exclusive Interview today we speak with the Commissioner of Police, Ondo State, Hilda Harrison, how prepared is the command to provide security for its citizens as they go out to exercise their democratic right.

Read the excerpt below;

CRIME FIGHTERS: The governorship election is at hand, many Nigerians have expressed concerned about security and the challenges how prepared is the Command for this democratic exercise in terms of logistics, providing security for Electoral Officers before, during and after the election.

CP Hilda Harrison: Naturally I expect Nigerians to be very cautions of the fact that the governorship election into the office of the Governor of Ondo State comes 26th November, 2016 is the only election that will hold in this Country and the Nigeria Police Force under the leadership of the Inspector General of Police, IGP Ibrahim Idris should be able to provide security in absolute terms for the conduct of that election, just in one State, Ondo State comprises 18 Local Government areas, 203 Registration area or wards, 3,009 Polling Units and I can assure that an operation order for the purpose of deployment of men and materials to all this areas have mentioned to you has been well laid out. Of course the Nigeria

Police Force will be complimented by personnel from other Security Agencies. Before now, in March INEC roll out timetable for election activities and the Nigeria Police Force, the Ondo State Police Command got to task and started by having meetings with all the stakeholders in the business of Policing, particularly the Politicians and this meetings that has been held boils into the peace pact that was signed by all the 28 registered political parties to contest the governorship election in Ondo State in the month of October a peace pact was signed and this peace pact was a columniation of all the other security meetings that have been held with the candidates of the various political parties and representatives of all political parties who before now have had robust interaction process with members of the Nigeria Police Force and have put on table their fears, their ideas and whatever it will take to ensure security being in place before during and after the election.

CRIME FIGHTERS: What are the measures put in place by the Command to curtail any post-election crisis?

CP Hilda Harrison: Naturally, the statutory duty of the Police include prevention and detection of crime and apprehension of offenders. A robust mode of maintenance of law and order at all times, with all that we have put in place and the sensitization of all persons in Ondo State we sure hope that we will be able to prevent the commission of crime but where we are not able to prevent the commission of crime of course, we shall be ready to arrest the perpetrators of such crime, we shall be ready to diligently investigate the commission of such crime and also ensure diligent prosecution of such offenders so that persons will be deterred. So measures have been put in place for investigation and prosecution of offenders. Where we are not able to 100% prevent the commission of electoral offences for the period.

CRIME FIGHTERS: In clear terms ma, what is your message to all political parties, aspirants and their supporters?

CP Hilda Harrison: With all the meetings we’ve had and very robust interaction, we have been able to talk to all the political actors in the State to talk to their supporters to stay clear from electoral violence, to play the game in accordance to the rules. Politics should never be a do or die affair they are aspiring to get into offices so that they can serve their people, so that they can have Ondo State, the Sunshine State, and the home that they all loved to still continue to stay. So we expect that they will play the game in accordance to the rule and they will sensitize their supporters to be law abiding so that they too can support the Police in the task of Policing Ondo State.

CRIME FIGHTERS: A word of advice for the youths about crime and particularly election violence.

CP Hilda Harrison: Our youths, we keep saying that you are the future and our hope now not for the future, you are our hope, our future. The youths of Ondo State stay clear of violence you have a future, a beautiful future at that, don’t marred with any criminal activities, don’t allow yourselves to be used for any criminal activities. Shun violence, shun criminality. Please the youth of Ondo State be law abiding and you will have peace in abundance. Be God fearing because the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and when you have wisdom you too shall be rulers of Ondo State. Be good the youth of Ondo State.

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