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FIRS Seeks Police Collaboration to Get Tax Defaulters

The Chairman Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Babatunde Fowler has said that the service, in collaboration with other stakeholders like the Nigeria Police Force, will go after wealthy tax defaulters in 2019.

Speaking during a working visit to the office of the  acting Inspector General of Police, Adamu Mohammed, on Thursday in Abuja, Fowler disclosed that the Service had realized N23 billion form its books that over 45, 000 tax defaulters, each of which had over N100 million as turnover in their accounts have evaded paying tax. He then requested the collaboration of the Nigeria Police to help the Service bring the tax defaulters to pay their taxes.

The Chairman said FIRS identified 45, 000 millionaire tax evaders in 2018 and recovered the sum of N23 billion through substitution of their bank accounts.

He thanked the Nigerian Police Force for its support and collaboration over the years which he said has helped FIRS to achieve its target and requested for more support to enable it recover due taxes from more 40, 000 rich tax evaders in 2019.

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“Let me put on record that the Nigeria Police Force has been extremely helpful to FIRS. Without the Police, I doubt that the Service would have been able to achieve what we have achieved, 2018 was a successful year. The FIRS collected a total of N5.320 trillion of tax revenue.

This is the highest revenue collection in the history of FIRS”, he said. This is significant, given that this collection was when oil prices oscillated between $50 and $70 per barrel. Oil price was at an average of $100 to $120 per barrel between 2012 when FIRS collected N5.07 trillion. Oil component of the N5.320 trillion is N2.467 trillion (46.38 percent), while non-oil element of the collection is N2.852 trillion (53.62 per cent)

In his response, the Police boss, Adamu Mohammed assured the Service of Police continued support adding that the job of revenue generation is critical to the survival of the nation.

“We feel that the work you do is one of the most important for the survival of the country. And you need to be supported from all angles so that you achieve what you want to achieve to the benefit of every Nigerian. We will continue to work with you to improve security so that people would do their businesses here, make profits and pay their taxes. We believe that with the new Management team of the Nigeria Police Force, which is adopting Community Policing, we would be able to improve security,” IGP Adamu.

According to the FIRS Chairman the Service has been steadily increasing revenue collection over the years with reduced cost of collection.

“In 2016, we collected N3,307 trillion, in 2017 we collected N4,027 trillion and in 2018 we collected N5,320 trillion. Meanwhile, the cost of collection as a percentage of actual taxes collected has been reducing; in 2016 it was 2.6%, in 2017 it was 2.49% while in 2018 it was 2.14%.”

“The Service has been making tremendous efforts in also increasing the amount of non-oil revenue it collects. Non-oil collection has contributed 64.99% in 2016, in 2017 it contributed 62.25% and in 2018 it contributed 53.62%. This represents the government’s focus on increasing non-oil sources of revenue and the diversification of the Nigerian economy.”

He noted that various initiatives were implemented by FIRS to enhance tax administration and make taxation as easy as possible. FIRS deployed ICT initiatives that enable a taxpayer to pay taxes from anywhere in the world, at any time. With the e-payment channel one can pay taxes with the click of a button and one can also download their receipts. Other e-Services are the e-Registration, e-Filing, -Stamp Duty and e-Tax Clearance Certificate.

“Taxpayers can now also choose the tax office where they would like to conduct their tax transactions. Before now, if one was registered with a particular tax office, one had to conduct all of their tax transactions in that office. However, to make it more convenient for the taxpayer, they can now choose which ever office they wish to conduct their transactions with.

He noted that Nigerian taxpayers are embracing the modern way of tax collection, introduced by the FIRS through the 6-e Solutions.

“We are automating the collection of Value Added Tax, VAT in key sectors which will facilitate reduction in compliance cost in the long term. We are doing System to system integration between banks and FIRS. And I am happy to announce to you that we had a 31% increase year on year in VAT collection in the banks that have gone live between Jan 2017- Dec 2018 and collected N25 billion so far

“Amongst others, there is also the Government Information Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS), which links FIRS to the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation OAGF for real-time exchange of information and data.  We are also automating the payment of VAT by states through the State Offices of Accountant General Platform (SAG). This will ensure that we automate and deduct at source and remittance of VAT and WHT from State governments contract payments directly to FIRS’s account and so far, collected 13bn.

He noted that taxpayers that requested for and processed their Tax Clearance Certificate, TCC through, from the comfort of their homes. “Tax clearance on the platform grew from 9,574 – 59,350 within a year of introducing the platform.

“Auto VAT collection in key sectors has also facilitated in reducing the cost of compliance. Between January, 2017 and December, 2018 VAT collection increased by 31% which translates to a collection of N25 billion”, he added.

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