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HOW TO USE BACKGROUND CHECK TO PREVENT CRIME- MR. KOLA OLUGBODI (Managing Director Background Check International)

The need for background check is vital in both corporate organization and in hiring a domestic staff. Today we speak with the Managing Director Background Check International Mr. Kola Olugbodi on how we can use this to prevent crime.
Read the excerpt below;

CRIME FIGHTERS: What is Background Check?

MR. KOLA OLUGBODI: In simple terms Background check is all about verifying claims and when we say verifying claims. This is a time no matter what we are doing whether in corporate world or in domestic, you always need to deal with people, you will need to hire them and you will need to have one or two things to do with them. Background check is the first line of security in everything, it is all about finding one or two things about the people you are employing corporately or those you intend doing businesses with or even those that you are trying to bring into your home as domestic staff or your driver or anything.

CRIME FIGHTERS: Why do we need Background check?

MR. KOLA OLUGBODI: Background check is all about not opening your door to fraudsters or people that will dupe you all in the name of having one or two other thing to do with you in terms of business. Background check is necessary, maybe I need to break it down to both the corporate and then the domestic. In a corporate employment setting we are talking about employment background check or maybe vendors’ background check or partner background check. Why do I need to check the people I need to employ? There are cases of incompetence or inexperience in corporate setting just because the people you have interviewed, their certificate may look okay, their resume may look wonderful but when you eventually employ them you discover that they can’t actually deliver and in the process of running background check you will discover that some of the information they gave you during interview when you wanted to engage them were actually either exaggerated or totally fraud. There are some people that never attend some institutions but of cause it going to show in their resume that they were in so so school and there are some people who also never acquire enough work experience and because when they wanted to apply they were asking for four or five years’ experience so they need to mark up their resume. If they eventually got employed it going to show, the experience they never acquired is going to tell. The educational background they never had is also going to tell, so this are some of the reasons you need to run a background check

CRIME FIGHTERS: What is the relationship between crime prevention and background check?

MR. KOLA OLUGBODI: Background check will give you valuable information about the people you are bringing close to you, maybe at first when you ran the test everything was clean, depending on the role the individual will be playing maybe in your organization or around you. Background check should not just be a one off thing, most especially somebody that has been with you for about six or seven months and suddenly you started noticing change of attitude, change of appearance, you see the life style suddenly changing, you see somebody living beyond his means or salary, all this things also always call for some vetting. You just need to try and be sure if things are still the way they use to be when you got the person or if there are some changes that are happening around you. You see the truth of the matter is that once you have an inclination that something is wrong don’t wait for anything to happen before you act, even if you eventually found out that you are wrong please take some steps at that point in time. If you see the security around you also coming up with issues, you need not make them act, I don’t have the full information of the case that you sited but if you ask me there would have been some issues.

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