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Passengers Robbed by Unknown Gunmen, Kill Driver in Lagos

An unidentified commercial bus driver in Lagos have been shot dead by suspected gunmen in Mile 2 area of Lagos State.
The driver who refused to let go of his bus when the hoodlums attempted to highjack it got shot and thrown out of the bus after dragging with the robbers.

Operatives of the Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State Police Command who observed
the incident as it unfold had to pursue the bus with motorcycles after the gunshot, but the assailants abandoned the vehicle and escaped.

Narrating the story, Liberty Whitney, 20, from Warri, Delta State who was one of the passenger in the bus had her valuables recovered from robbers by the men of RRS.

She said “at about 9.30pm on Sunday, I boarded the bus from Oshodi en-route Mile 2. And I was the only passenger in the vehicle as at the time. Minutes after moving, more passengers came on board and the bus was left with two empty seats. On getting to Rainbow bus top, two men boarded the bus and that was when pandemonium struck.
According to Whitney, “ the bus stop at Cele bus stop when two guys in white native attires, having two guns each and pointing at us while asking that we remained calm and do as we were told.”

Whitney said, while other passengers were screaming and jumping down from the bus, she was held by a man that had joined the bus earlier and unknown to others, was a member of the gang, who pulled her back so she could get robbed.

She explain that, “One of them asked me for my phone, bag and money and when I was reluctant, he hit me on my neck-line close to my chest with the butt of the gun with him. I couldn’t breathe well for some minutes. I handed over all I had with me instantly, my traveling bag, polytene bag, laptop, phone, chargers and school certificates. I was allowed to jump down from the vehicle”.

Whitney said she followed the bus and the Police at a reasonable distance on a bike until the robbers stopped and ran, and was able to get her valuables and documents back except for her phone that the robbers took with them.
According to RRS, the man that had been shot and clung to the back of the bus was the driver, who was fighting for his bus which was his only source of livelihood. The driver died after all efforts to revive him at the Critical Care Unit of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja failed.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Chike Oti, while confirming the incident explained that investigations are ongoing to clamp down on the robbers, and however advised that people should not drag valuables with robbers especially when they are armed.

He said the case has been transferred to State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti for further investigations.

By Marcel Samuel

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