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Police Arrest Man For Killing Seven-Year-Old Son

A middle age man and a resident of Amadi-Ama in Port Harcourt, one Richard Inimgba have been arrested by the Police in Rivers State Command for allegedly killing his seven-year-old son George Inimgba after accusing him of stealing the sum of N3.200.

The suspect was arrested after inviting a carpenter to secretly prepare a coffin for him to bury the seven-year-old who had died as a result of torture. The carpenter who observed cutlass injuries on the body of the seven-year old raised the alarm that led to the arrest of the suspect.

According to an eye witness, the suspect who is popularly known as Oyinbo is fond of maltreating his son by starving him of food after he sent the boy’s mother away six years ago. The eyewitness narrated that the suspect “constantly beats up the boy for hours’ and the boy will be yelling, begging his dad for water to drink, but the suspect would refuse his son water”

The Police said the suspect had once been arrested and cautioned last year when he burnt the boy’s hand, he was asked to write undertaking not to to maltreat his son again.

Confirming the incident, the Rivers State Police Public Relations Officer, Nnamdi Omoni, said the case is being investigated adding that the man and his wife have been arrested and are in Police custody.

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