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Ritualists’ Den in Ibadan Dispelled by Police

The Police in Oyo State on Monday, dispelled the rumour making the rounds in Ibadan that it had discover an underground ritualist den in the Benjamin area of Eleyele in Ibadan, Oyo State

The rumour of the discovery of a fresh underground tunnel allegedly being used for ritual purposes had hit the city on Sunday spreading like wildfire on by Monday, as resident’s troops to the area to catch a glimpse of the tunnel.

Some female underwear and other items, which appeared to be like items used for charms littered the tunnel area, thus fueling the suspicion that illegal an activities were going on in the area before the discovery.

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According to unnamed sources, security personnel had come to raid the tunnel and caught a man allegedly in possession of human parts. The tunnel leads to an abandoned filing station on the road, where other items, including brassieres, were seen.

“I have been plying this route for a while and you can never believe that something like this was here. People have been gathering here since morning.

“People were found with human parts. The Police came and found people inside the hole.  The suspects have been taken away. One of them was looking like a mentally ill man, but he was just disguising so that he could continue to perpetrate his evil acts without attracting suspicion.”

Meanwhile, the Police Command spokesperson, Akeem Adeyemo, said the claims were false as he has verified the same with Divisional Police Officer close to the area who debunked the rumour assertions.

“Some mentally ill people were seen around the area by passersby, who suspected that they could be ritualists. They pounced on the men and started beating them. On investigation, it was discovered that they were mere destitute and they were later arrested. It was a false alarm, which should be discountenanced.” the State PPRO said.

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