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Rot In Police Force Exposed: Public Lays Support To Dr. Aisha Tosan


Members of the public have condemned the Nigeria Police Force for calling the Executive Producer of Crime Fighters, Dr. Aisha Tosan, a liar following the interview she granted Saturday Vanguard where she highlighted issues affecting the growth of the Force.

In the interview Dr. Tosan, pointed out some corrupt practices going on in the Force, adding that Nigerians should always stand up for societal good when it matters most. She also pointed out the issue of bad blood flowing in the sector in relation to the activities of the IGP in handling promotions and transfers as quoted, “IGP single-handedly promoting and transferring of Commissioners to State Commands”. 

Meanwhile some Nigerians took to the Facebook page of the Nigeria Police Force to air their grievances following the issues raised and the subsequent press release from the Nigeria Police Force which became a national discuss and placed their support on Dr. Aisha Tosan on the issues.

In response to a press release issued by the Force spokesperson, citizens took to the social media platform to register their support and condemn in totality the activities of the Force.This came after a former Commissioner of Police, AbubakarTsav, had aligned with the Crime Fighters Boss, insisting that “President Buhari should take immediate Steps to salvage the Police from monumental and organized corruption”.

OkparaIfeanyi, in his comment said “If Senator Misau and Aisha Tosan are lying against the Police, what about those commenting here? Are they also lying against the Nigerian Police? The Nigerian Police is a basin of corruption. Also these refutals will not change anything”.

Another one ChibuikeAnokwuru said “Aisha Tosan is not far from truth, 99%of her allegations are true if not 110%,you can no longer deceive Nigerians easily, we are wiser now, go and clean up your mess before coming to defend what you cannot defend, always lieing with impunity”.

Andeyaba Ezekiel in his comment said “Aisha Tosan has been doing the Nigeria Police Force great service by projecting the good job police has been doing. It’s disappointing that she exposes the bad side of police and the police call her a liar. So sickening. We all know that there is serious rot in the NPF as many of the policemen transfer aggression of injustice metted on the by the police authority to the innocent motorists on the highways”.

In the comment section which has over 145 comments, 99% of Nigerians commenting were in support of Dr. Aisha Tosan, that the Force needs a change without which there can’t be progress.

Perhaps, the questions raised by Olusegun Owoeye, one of those that commented on the Facebook page needs urgent attention:“The pertinent questions are (1) was anybody promoted above his peers and seniors? If yes what special duty did he performed so meritoriously? (2) Did the IG got married to his junior as against the extant rules? (3) Are governors lobbying for commissioners postings? (4) Do emirs influence postings? (5) Are the police commands/divisions well/adequately funded to the extent that the ‘Bail is free’ mantra could be said to be justified? These and so many posers raised are what the FPPRO’s response supposed to address to clear the doubts raised by Mrs. Aisha Tosan who is said to be an insider in Police affairs. (Wife of a serving Commissioner of Police)”.

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